TheRealWorkout: Cristi Ann, Private Workout Lesson


TheRealWorkout: Cristi Ann, Private Workout Lesson / 12.22.2015

Super sexy blonde Cristi Ann was working out at the beach, waiting for his workout partner Tony to arrive. When he finally arrived they went over what he needed to work on before doing some stretches. Watching Cristi do these stretches would make anyone want to fuck her! After their workout, Tony sat down and was feeling down because he didnt think hed get back to his physical peak. Tony just wanted to quit and get a refund for her services but she wasnt having it. Cristi told him she was all his for a whole month and gave him a surprise of what to expect – her DD titties! They went back to her place for the second workout – one that involved fucking! Tony pounded into Cristi until he busted all over her! Looks like he got his stamina back…

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