SweetSinner: AJ Applegate, Yhivi Slave-Training


SweetSinner: AJ Applegate, Yhivi Slave-Training / 10.06.2016

It’s time for Cassidy (AJ Applegate) to receive instructions from a master. It’s all consensual. Cassidy is walked out on a leash and is treated like the sweet bitch she is! First the Master flogs Cassidy’s PVC covered ass, then he pulls her panties down, smacking her bare ass. Eve (Yhivi) soul kisses Cassidy and starts fondling and licking. Soon both female subs are being whipped and flogged, they take turns kissing each other and sucking the Master’s cock. Then he completely fucks them both in a hot S&M three-way.

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Actors: AJ Applegate / Yhivi