ExploitedCollegeGirls: Sophia


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Sophia 04.14.2016

Welcome Sophia to Ex Co Gi. She’s an exotic young thing with a healthy, positive attitude towards sex and sex toys, including the anal use of both. Obviously Jay is deeply smitten after learning this fact and things progressively get better and better as the shoot unfolds. Actually, the shoot starts off pretty great when Sophia happily drops her pants and masturbates in the car and just gets better from there as Sophia works her way to several real, intense orgasms and happily gives up her ass to Jay. We’ve had good luck here at Ex Co Gi with our more adventurous girls flashing or performing a little road head in the car as Jay drives to the shoot location. But this week things get taken up a full notch when Sophia spots Jay’s box of toys in the Co-Gi-Mobile and starts digging through it. She soon finds a big red toy that captures her interest and with little prompting from Jay, she’s stripped off her pants and pulled her top down to perform a live masturbation demo in Jay’s passenger seat. Things settle down a bit as the shoot starts back at our top secret location and after some penetrating questions about penetration, Jay once again offers Sophia the toybox and she gleefully discovers a full size plug in vibrator. Stripping and spreading for Jay, Sophia reveals that her pussy is still wet from her car demo and our man wastes no time getting to work and delivering her to O-Town quickly and efficiently. Be sure to enjoy the replays of Sophia’s great, real, intense orgasms. Her O face is incredibly sensual. After preheating the oven and getting a nice, noisy beej Jay drops the D on Sophia and quickly liberates yet another orgasm from her. Sensing that she’s as turned on as she claimed she’d need to be for anal, he switches to her booty and makes sweet, romantic love to Sophia’s butthole in position after position including some deep ass penetration in sideshow until he flips her face down, pins her to the bed and sinks a sweet, romantic load of jizz deep in her ass for a rare, piping hot anal creampie. This girl turns out to be great in bed (and in the car), she’s down for anything (especially butt stuff) and brings all that positive energy to the camera. For true porn connoisseurs, and if you are an Ex Co Gi subscriber – obviously you are, this update is fantastic all around but the real gold comes at the end as Sophia heads to the bathroom to shower off and Jay captures her butt hurt limp from behind. Fantastiche!

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