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ExploitedCollegeGirls: Skyler 01.15.2016

Skyler doesn’t really look like a porn star, but when you get an eyefull of her nearly perfect little ass, perky tan tits and the way she relaxes her throat to let Jay face fuck her you’ll discover that maybe there’s a little porn star in the most unlikely of places. For example, where ever this hot little mami/undercover nympho comes from. Skyler is a great example of why Ex Co Gi is different from most other adult sites. Sure this girl is cute and yes she’s willing to get banged in a hotel room near the airport, but it’s her giggly, fun, sex loving attitude that makes her perfect for the site. Of course after seeing the way Skyler practically orgasms when getting throat fucked, if we didn’t find this girl it seems like she’d have made her way into porn via one of those extreme blowjob sites like TonsilAbuse.com or UvulaBruisers.com anyway. We don’t mean to make too much of the oral activities, because there’s a bunch of good stuff here. Skyler is a very sexual and enthusiastic chick. As soon as she gets naked and relaxes into Jay’s finger and vibe routine, her first orgasm sneaks up on her. Once the throat festivities wrap up and the fucking starts, she’s just as happy getting drilled on her back or pounded in doggy but doesn’t manage to orgasm again until Jay drops the jackhammer on her in cowgirl. For the big facial, she drops to her knees and offers a little bit more of her wonderful beej skills to coax an especially gooey load out of Jay that nearly coats her entire face. But, she smiles right through it and even catches some in her mouth and helpfully cleans Jay’s cock with her tongue. Porn star indeed!

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