ExploitedCollegeGirls: Gigi


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Gigi 03.04.2016

After last week’s sexual volcano we’ve taken things down a notch with slim, dark haired first timer Gigi. She’s got the kind of sexy girl next door looks that could cause a traffic jam and while she seems demure and innocent – obviously the braces help – once her clothes come off and the lights heat up, she drops the innocence as quickly as she drops her cute, pink thong panties. Gigi is a genuine first timer, which makes this update particularly hot since her reactions are completely genuine, from her nervous car head to her deep throated moans to her breathy dirty talk, it’s all 100% real. You’ll catch on to this very quickly when, during the behind the scenes footage shot in the car, Jay asks her to show her perky little tits and she asks hesitantly, “Can I take my bra off?” Girl, please! When is the answer to that question EVER NO????? During the interview Jay learns that Gigi is so inexperienced that she’s practically a virgin. Being the first class producer he is, Jay instantly starts making mental plans to introduce her to all kinds of things during the shoot. He starts off with a couple of lubed up fingers and a vibrator and soon Gigi is practically overwhelmed with the rush of new, pleasurable sensations. Before long she’s so turned on, she’s begging Jay to fuck her. Now any mortal man would leap at the chance and plow Gigi’s virgin tight pussy, but not Jay. He’s as patient as a sniper and lures a very turned on Gigi in close for yet another blowjob. After introducing Gigi to couple of new-to-her positions including her first cowgirl girl, Jay finishes up this sexy, intense shoot with Gigi’s very first cum facial. What a lucky girl to have all these firsts captured on camera! Whenever Gigi wants to relive these sexy memories she can via the magic of the internet for the low, low price of a monthly subscription!

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