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ExploitedCollegeGirls: Chloe / 02.05.2016

She’s curvy, she’s blonde (sorta), she’s got a set of natural D cups and she loves to fuck. Also her name is Chloe and she’s an 18 year old beauty school drop out. Yes, a real beauty school drop out. Thankfully, she’s got a budding porn career to fall back on so worry not, Chloe will not be running out of giant bras anytime soon. It’s hard to place Chloe’s accent, but we’re guessing it’s mostly due to elocution lessons at some posh northeastern prep school. Something with a name like PS 89. But, this is America where anyone can be anything at all, even a professional internet pornograhic actress! When you finally get an eye full of Chloe, you will be pleased. She’s got big hips you can grab, massive tits that bounce and a big, round ass that jiggles in just the right way in doggy. Here at Ex Co Gi we’re thinking of redefining the term ‘fun size’. Normally, when speaking of a young lady, ‘fun size’ tends to mean a tiny, petite little thing that you can ‘play’ with, thus having ‘fun’. But honestly, are skinny bitches really that much fun? Chloe’s tits are utterly mesmerizing when they bounce, she could wrap them around your dick if she wanted, and she definitely loves to fuck. Just watch her reaction when Jay slides a vibrator in her ass! THAT IS FUN. So from now on, fun size = curvy girl having fun and trying to earn her keep. Okay, enough of the Urban Dictionary asides, onto the action. Chloe has decided that she’s going to become a porn star and she’s decided to start that career with Jay here at Ex Co Gi. She does an admirable job taking a vibrator in both holes, worshipping Jay’s dick like only a fun-sized gal can, and showing off her big naturals in every position as Jay drills her. Eventually Jay gets his fill of Chloe’s meaty vag and has her drop to the floor for her facial, which despite taking a shot to the eye, she seems to enjoy!

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