ExploitedCollegeGirls: Ashe


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Ashe 06.30.2016

19 year old Ashe’s sugar daddy (!) might not be too pleased that his little rent-a-darling has flown to sunny CA today to suck and fuck a stranger on camera today. But then again, maybe Daddy should be upping his allowance so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Oh who are we kidding, this young fuck bunny loves the cock too much. And she hangs out with Chloe (yes, THAT Chloe) so yeah, there’s gonna be some stranger’s semen in or on her at any given time, pretty much. What else? You want a rundown of all the sexual acts? Scroll down, plenty of preview thumb pics for you. We do have to admit this one’s a bit short. Turns out sweet Ashe got her butt late on the plane, and Jay had to check out of the hotel by 4 pm. Guess what time it is by the time these two start fucking? That’s right. Almost 4. Knock knock goes the house keeper, wondering why there are sucking noises behind the door. Jay promises to be out by 4PM so Lupita can come in and change those cum stained bed sheets. Funny thing, this same thing happens again right before Jay pops his load on young Ashe’s pretty face. Just in time, huh? Tell you what, we got a feeling this one’s going to be among the most popular ExCoGi girls so let’s see if we can talk her into a proper ass-fucking (and maybe more?) soon, ok?

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