BrutalCastings: Goldie E22 / #00242


BrutalCastings: Goldie Ortiz (09.14.2015)

When grocery store worker Goldie finds herself in the offices of Teen Castings in front of a world-class talent agent, she believes her big break has finally arrived, and it has but only for her spirit! Before she has the chance at stardom and fame, she has to suffer the humiliations of the master cum blaster and all the slapping, spanking and deep throat fucking he feels like dishing out. Goldie thinks she’s too good to strip naked, but the ruthless agent shows her that she most certainly is not as he slaps her out of her comfort zone, gropes her tits, and gives her the throat fucking of her young life. After a forced orgasm finger blast, Goldie finds her hands tied, her mouth ball gagged and her pussy mounted and fucked from behind like a filthy pig. After Goldie’s caviar dreams get banged into complete submission, the agent dispenses a frosty bear claw of cum on her face so newly minted slut Goldie will not soon forget this day.

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Actors: Goldie