BlackGFs: Jamie Marleigh, Booty Bounce


BlackGFs: Jamie Marleigh, Booty Bounce / 09.21.2016

I decided to take the camera out after hearing the babe JamieMarleigh playing the drums. She was actually pretty good and she could jam out. She got a bit spooked when I popped up but yeah, she was pretty good nonetheless. Seeing her play turned me on, she was finally practicing and heeding my advice to try it out. Afterwards I tried teaching her a bit of the piano and she caught on pretty quickly. Playing for a bit things started to get hot and steamy between us and thats when I knew taking out the camera was a good idea. She went back to the room and jumped into her bikini, when she came out the room she was looking so fucking gorgeous. The temptation was too much and I ripped that shit off her body. Jamie proceeding to put my cock in her mouth and after her pussy got wet I rammed my cock in her vagina and it was a delight from then on. Long live the music!

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Actors: Jamie Marleigh