BlackGFs: Deana Dulce, Doing Deana


BlackGFs: Deana Dulce, Doing Deana / 07.30.2016

Deana Dulce found a sexy bra in the house. She was upset with her boyfriend that he was cheating on her. But then they remembered their cousin was staying over and he had a girl over. It must have been her bra. Deana was so sorry. If only she could think of a way to make it up to him. Well she did. First she opened up his pants and took his dick into her mouth. Her tongue caressed it from all sides. Then he entered her from the back while she was leaning over the table. They fucked for a while. Time for another blowjob. Next she climbed on top of him, first facing him, then she turned the other way. Last not least some good old missionary until he came on her face. How could anybody cheat on a sexy girlfriend like her?

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