ExploitedCollegeGirls: Lola


ExploitedCollegeGirls: Lola (07.07.2016

Poor, shy Lola hasn’t had sex in “well over a month”. Masturbating with her fingers has been her only relief – until today. And luckily for her, guest shooter Kyle introduces Lola to the most powerful force in the orgasm Universe – the Rabbit vibrator. Does Lola cum? Oh you betcha. It’s so hot and surprising (to her and us!) that we split screen that for you so you don’t miss any of her glorious facial expressions when she orgasms. “But what about the cock?!” you may cry. Fear not, loyal member, Lola’s pent up sexual frustration makes for some truly excellent dick worshiping. In fact, we can’t even call it a blowjob, it’s more like… making LOVE with her mouth, really fucking hard. Seriously, you’ll love how eagerly and skilled our chocolate bunny sucks Kyle’s big cock. Or worships it, is more like it. What else we got? Positions, lots of them. Some fairly short because it’s Kyle’s second shoot and he needed a lot of instructions from porn mastermind Steve. So Lola and Kyle eventually run out of time, please do excuse the short cowgirl/ reverse cowgirl segments. We think they’re hot enough (especially the ass shots!) to garner your forgiveness.Also, Kyle’s cum load on Lola’s face is probably in the top 15 of the year – again. That dude cums buckets!

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